About Us

About Us

We can SEE together yoU and I

SEE-UNI comes from the words “We can SEE together yoU and I” which means “Together personally “one on one” sees and prioritizes individual future plans

SEE-UNI is a service institution in directing and deepening for personal development in completing skills (skill set), preparation for professional advanced study in choosing education and career by providing facilities to students, students and professionals by bridging “Professional Talent” candidates to prepare for their future based on the results of their personality tests to obtain their respective personal profiles

“Concierge level” is the level of service that is categorized as a five-star service. Concierge level means being able to serve people of all ages in terms of providing solutions to challenges faced and ready to assist all needs in training and education needed by prospective students and professionals (talent professionals); assistance with the registration process for further study, the visa process if needed, as well as the needs that support them to achieve their goals in a career or have their own business

Creative Mind Learning is a concept in the delivery of mentoring programs facilitated and bombed by Mrs. Cynthia Liliek Nurwendah.

SEE-UNI is a renewal of the name of Swiss Education Expert (SEE), which was established in 2013. SEE-UNI was founded by hoteliers and alumni of the Swiss Education Group, the largest educational group with experience in the hotel business for more than 2 decades or more than 30 years.

Our Great Vision & Mission

Our Vision is

To be the best representation and quality in bridging and preparing for studies and careers as well as the professional development needs of future generations in line with the aspirations and developments in the Indonesian and international hospitality industry in general.

Our Vision is

To prepare a generation of professionals in the fields of hospitality, tourism, MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions). related fields of hospitality and property management.

In addition, we also provide training to all individuals and “entrepreneurial” entrepreneurs in the hotel sector or in other service fields to increase professionalism in working and managing a business.

We are also the place with the largest network of information studies, work and endeavors in the world’s largest business field.

SEE-UNI provides the quality of service and quality trusted by our students, parents and other customer members.