image SEG (Swiss Education Group)

Swiss Education Group is a group that embodies the famous hospitality schools in Switzerland. From the results of an international survey of labor recruitment in the field of hospitality lately showed that the graduates from Swiss Education Group school received the highest score.

Swiss Education Group has more value which including :

  • Owned Swiss, Swiss Education Group schools all officially registered in Switzerland and 100% owned by the Swiss, which ensures that the quality of education of students is based on the tradition of Swiss hospitality and qualifications which have been recognized by worldwide.
  • Academic Quality Assurance, Swiss Education Group schools are subject to standards of academic quality stringent according to expectations Swiss institutions. Close relationships with leading hospitality companies guarantee that the academic program fulfill the needs of industry standard, while partnerships with other universities allow students to earn three qualifiers from the three countries at once. England, USA concurrent with Swiss qualifications.
  • SEG English Foundation Programme, Swiss Education Group wants to help facilitate students be successful in their studies. SEG English Foundation Programme is the proper way to increase students' English level and prepare to entering the hospitality program which meet the standard in schools at the Swiss Education Group.
  • Swiss Education Group postgraduate is a placement services for alumni which graduated from the Swiss Education Group to get the highest demand in the international labor market. Swiss Education Group has a strong network with a lot of leading hospitality companies in the world, students get the opportunity to make direct contact with these organizations on the Swiss Education Group International Recruitment Forum which was held regularly in each campus. Alumni data from the Swiss Education Group schools also help students to expand their networks.
  • State Facilities & Services, the learning environment plays a fundamental role in student learning outcomes. Swiss Education Group schools offer a variety of services including social care activities, medical assistance, student assistance centers, sports and recreation, the best facilities to study hospitality management in Switzerland.
  • Low investment, schools Swiss Education Group adapt the program of study with the international standard requirement of students. Intensive systems degree program can be completed in just three years, learning program includes two internships which means lower investment and start early to start the careers of their students. Making schools of the Swiss Education Group became the primary choice of a prospective student who wants to have a career in the hospitality and hospitality management.

University that spread in Switzerland , namely :

  • César Ritz Colleges Switzerland - Le Bouveret , Brig & Lucerne
  • Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland - Lucerne & Le Bouveret
  • HIM Hotel Institute Montreux - Montreux
  • IHTTI International School of Hotel Management - Neuchatel
  • Swiss Hotel Management School SHMS - Caux and Leysin

Accreditation from the Institute of International Education

  • All Degree and Diploma accredited by the Government of the State of Valais
  • ASEH, Swiss Hotel School Associate.
  • EduQua, agencies that certify the quality of the educational institution.
  • TedQual, certification from the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).
  • Washington State University (USA).
  • Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) for all program Postgraduate and Masters, and also Culinary Arts program.
  • Swiss Federation of Private Schools (SFPs).