IHTTI (International Hospitality and Design Management Switzerland)

School of Management Hotel located in downtown Neuchâtel. The campus is located in a former hotel that has been renovated, providing state of the art facilities of a modern university campus and has a touch of the familiar welcome about 200 students from 50 countries.

The mission of the School of International Hospitality and Design Management Switzerland Committed to providing a learning experience Swiss-quality individuals seeking a career in the international hospitality industry. School pursuing a four pillar approach in developing the potential of each individual. This approach focuses on student intellectual attributes, competency management, operational skills and overall professionalism.

Bachelor of International Hospitality Program Design and Management Thanks to an intensive curriculum, students can graduate with a qualification Switzerland, England and America in just 3 years . Combination studies, in all aspects of hotel management, and practical training in the field of education that offers operational truly unique, preparing students for careers in the hospitality industry is growing well. With the completion of the dissertation in final, students will receive a Bachelor Honours degree. While studying for your degree, students may apply for certification from America Hotel and Lodging Association (AH & LA).

Degree / Certificate within 3 years among other :

  • Certificate of Swiss food and beverage studies
  • Swiss Diploma in international hotel operations manejemen
  • Swiss Higher Diploma in International Hotel & Management Design
  • Switzerland and the UK IHTTI Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in International Hospitality & Design Management

IHTTI School students have the opportunity to get four different internationally recognized qualification in 3 years :

  • After 1 year received a certificate Swiss food and beverage studies
  • After 2 years of getting Swiss Diploma in international hotel operations manejemen areas : Hotel Operations, Design and development of personal and leadership in swiss
  • The American Hotel and Lodging Association (AH & LA) Diploma in Hospitality Management (optional)
  • After 3 years of getting Switzerland IHTTI and English Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in International Hospitality & Design Management

Management and leadership, hotel design, luxury and brand management, project design, market buyers and leadership.Higher Business Management Diploma in International Hotel and Design is recognized by the Canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in International Hospitality Design and Management awarded work IHTTI together with academic partners , the University of Derby ( UK ).

Postgraduate Diploma in Hotel and Design Inernasional management ( 1 Year ) Postgraduate Diploma in IHTTI offers a fantastic opportunity for a graduate looking for a new opportunity in their career, or for those who are currently employed in the hospitality industry requires further training to improve their career opportunities. The program focuses on four main areas, namely hotel management, food and beverage management, Design Hotel Operations Hotel dam with an excellent combination of academic and practical education. Students will also have the opportunity to improve language skills through studies in French or German.

Master International Business in Hotel Management and Design Master of International Business in Hotel and Design Management is designed for graduates who aim to advance their career by acquiring advanced knowledge of theoretical and applied topics in the sphere of luxury, hotel design and executive leadership. Through this program, students will acquire skills in the analyst, critical evaluation, professional applications and gain the ability to solve rigorous and independent. Teacher program has been designed in consultation with industry and supported by industrial partners IHTTI. In international business masters in hotel management and design will receive two certificates that first year getting Postgraduate Diploma in International Hotel & Design Management and get a second year Master of International Business in Hotel and Design Management.

Achievement of the International School of Hospitality and Design Management Switzerland School is one of the well-established hotel management and possess a long history in Switzerland. Established in 1984, the School IHTTI has developed an international reputation for quality diindustri hospitality programs and the caliber of its graduates, many of those who worked in leading management positions around the world. IHTTI school welcomes students from all over the world, creating a learning environment that is diverse and multicultural, similar to the work environment graduates will find in the international hospitality industry today. Each semester approximately 200 students from over 50 countries they choose to study at the School of Hospitality IHTTI .

Accreditation and Affiliations School IHTTI

  • University of Derby ( UK ) for the Bachelor of Arts degree program
  • ASEH , Swiss Hotel School Association
  • EduQua , certifies the quality of educational institutions
  • American Hotel and Lodging Association ( AH & LA )
  • Canton of Neuchatel for all Programmes awarded by IHTTI

The industry supported hospitality and design innovative programs supported by LesConcierges, a leading provider in the world of global services and concierge services and solution HBA / Hirsch Bedner Associates, a leader in hospitality interior design worldwide.

IHTII school is a member of such association :

  • AIEST, International Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism
  • CHRIE / EuroCHRIE , Council on Hotel , Restaurant and Institutional Education
  • EUHOFA , International Association of Hotel Schools
  • IH & RA, the International Hotel and Restaurant Association
  • Swiss Hotel Association
  • SFPS , the Swiss Federation of Private Schools
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