Assistant Front Office Manager, Project
Development Team Buddha-Bar Hotel
Budapest Klotild Palace - Graduated 2010, SHMS

"At a very early age I decided to work within the hospitality industry, since it is a working environment where I can meet and interact with a lot of different kinds of people, who are spending their most precious time within the premises we are managing: their freetime. The opportunity of meeting and even exceeding the expectations of our guests became the greatest motivation to stay on this pathway within the hotel sector. These successes are not only helping the business we work in, but are also achievements of personal goals, when a complaint is turned into satisfaction and satisfaction into amusement.

My advice to the future generation of hoteliers is to keep being open to all sorts of people from different countries, cultures, genders and ages, because coming to know and understanding guests is the best way to create an intimate yet professional relationship with them during their stay. This is why my main principle of working with colleagues and treating guests or partners became the following: keep being open. Working in the hospitality industry can be very challenging and intense, thus it requires strong dedication and flexibility in order to constantly keep one's performance at the highest level. However, the energy invested has its immediate rewards, everyone can see the result of their hard work, which is highly motivating. At my current position of freshly began career, I have the opportunity to witness the birth of an amazing and beautiful hotel. By participating in the development and pre-opening phases of this project, I have had one of the most the most exciting and unforgettable experiences of my life. It has helped a lot in capturing an overview and understanding of the overall operation of a hotel"

Ivy Thema
Operations Manager, Shangri-LA Residences,
Jakarta, Indonesia
Graduated 2001, SHMS

"I chose the Hospitality Industry because I enjoy meeting people from different parts of the world. The Hospitality Industry also allows me the opportunity to discover interesting things in many cultures.

The most rewarding part of being a Hotelier is when I deliver the service and the customer is not only satisfied, but delighted.

My advice to all students who are interested in the hospitality industry is that you have to be passionate and committed about what you're doing..., this will automatically lead you to deliver your utmost.

Attitude and integrity can not be bought... 'Be courteous. 'Be passionate. 'Be genuine. 'Be selective where you work, and make sure that you're comfortable with what the company represents and stands for, and lastly 'enjoy the ride'. My professional philosophy in 3 words: Attitude, Integrity, and Passion.

There have been so many exciting moments in my career life, such as when I was a Director of Sales running a dynamic team with overall responsibility of Corporate, Embassy, and The Airline as well as the Wholesalers segment.

The wealth of sales and marketing experience with which I have been blessed, has influenced me and lead me into my current role"